• Nick Sorrentino

Obama to make explicitly anti-Trump show for Netflix?

Netflix paid Obama tens of millions, perhaps close to $100 million recently, to "produce" shows for the network. It just so happens that Susan Rice, lackey extraordinaire to the Obamas is on the Netflix board. Now Obama is going to specifically target a sitting president, a president that he may have targeted via questionable legal means to say the least, with a TV show? He's going to push it?

This is the Saul Alinskyite, "community organizer" we see here. Forget doing the right thing. Obama is about power. It is 3rd world type politics. But Obama comes out of that tradition, that is to say Chicago.

(From The Week)
Is former President Barack Obama about to unleash one long subtweet against his successor in the form of a Netflix show?
Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama have acquired the rights to adapt Michael Lewis' book The Fifth Risk as part of their overall deal with Netflix, Deadline reported Wednesday. Lewis' book describes the disorder within the Department of Agriculture, Department of Energy, and Department of Commerce that took place during the transition between the Obama administration to the Trump administration.

I wonder why there was so much disorder. It's not like the Obama people were trying to undermine the new duly elected president or anything.

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