• Nick Sorrentino

Ocasio-Cortez didn't grow up poor or in the Bronx, But in hyper affluent Yorktown in Westchester

When Ms. Ocasio Cortez was elected in the primary we originally ran the below article at AC2 NEWS. Ms. Ocasio Cortez was dishonest about her background in order to win in the Bronx. We thought she'd quietly let the playing poor thing go when she arrived in Washington but she unwisely re-upped on the lie recently. As such we felt her real deal should be revisited.

Ms. Ocasio Cortez is a gift to free market people. The mass market media continues to sell her but she is reckless. Coupled with her lack of understanding of basic economics this is a recipe for implosion, but only if her feet are held to the fire. Otherwise the mass media will run interference for her as they have done for other political darlings in the past.

Remember she is only a freshman congressperson. She's not a senator or a successful business person (sic). But some want to cast her as the voice of a deeply statist "woke" constituency.

There's nothing "woke" about socialism. "Socialism" is the opiate of the self diagnosed victim. It is also how bureaucrats get "rich".

“Girl From The Bronx” Ocasio-Cortez Called Out In Fact Check; Actually Grew Up In Wealthy Enclave, WESTCHESTER COUNTY!

Posted on June 30, 2018 by Nick Sorrentino

But isn’t this always the way with professed “socialists.” I am reminded of the kid they arrested in Portland at the ICE protest this week who was trying to run away in a brand new Audi SUV. You see working class folks, there must be a “vanguard,” as Lenin put it because you working class people are too stupid to do what’s “good” for you. You working class people can only attain, according to much socialist revolutionary theory, a “trade union consciousness.” Workers are not capable of attaining “revolution.” The revolutionary cronies must lead the way.

Hey, how about we tell the “vanguard” to take a hike, lower taxes, get rid of occupational licenses, end the drug war, and just shun the busybodies? How about we call this crew out?

She went to Boston University, which is well out of the range cost wise of even most middle class households, never mind  a “Jenny from the block.” But she’s keepin’ it real.

Plus don’t you just love this lady’s aping of the whole Evita Peron thing? A queen of crony capitalism if there ever was one.

(From Zerohedge) “Well, you know, the president is from Queens, and with all due respect — half of my district is from Queens — I don’t think he knows how to deal with a girl from the Bronx,” Ocasio-Cortez told Stephen Colbert during an appearance on The Late Show. The socialist phenom also told theWashington Post “I wasn’t born to a wealthy or powerful family — mother from Puerto Rico, dad from the South Bronx. I was born in a place where your Zip code determines your destiny.”

Indeed that seems correct. And her Zip code was tucked into hedge fund country.

Around the age of five, Alexandria’s architect father Sergio Ocasio moved the family from the “planned community” of Parkchester in the Bronx to a home in Yorktown Heights, a wealthy suburb in Westchester County. The New York Times describes her childhood home as “a modest two-bedroom house on a quiet street.” In a 1999 profile of the area, when Ocasio-Cortez would have been ten years old, the Times lauded Yorktown Heights’ “diversity of housing in a scenic setting” – complete with two golf courses.

It sounds like she wasn’t flying on private jets as a kid. But let’s not pretend she wasn’t privileged big time.

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