• Nick Sorrentino

Old Media Has Gone From "Blue Wave" To "No Idea What's Going To Happen"

The money is still on the Dems taking the House. As we said it's hard to imagine that all the people who have been wailing in angst at Trump's election for the last 2 years don't make a big enough difference to turn the House. The bet, this afternoon, still has to be on a smiling Nancy Pelosi later tonight.


(From Zerohedge)
As Politico notes, the media's premature celebration at a Hillary Clinton victory was a major embarrassment across the industry - one which outlets are desperately seeking to avoid. 
"Two years ago, the media was pilloried for giving viewers and readers the impression there was little chance Hillary Clinton could lose and, worse, for “missing” the Trump phenomenon. Conservatives mocked the reactions of television anchors as his victory became apparent. This year, editors and executives from the Times, Post, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News all told POLITICO that they will be prepared for any outcome — and will make sure their readers and viewers are, too.
Marc Burstein, ABC News senior executive producer of special events, acknowledged “there were assumptions made in 2016 by lots of news organizations,” a trap he intends to avoid this time around. “We’re going to be nimble. We’re going to follow the results,” Burstein said. “We’re not going to assume anything.” 

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