• Nick Sorrentino

On the Covington Kids: A moment of sad truth from Whoopie and Joy Behar on The View

Our inclination at The Sorrentino is generally libertarian. Trump is no libertarian. We disagree with him on a host of issues. On some issues we disagree with him fundamentally. But we have to make the point - again - that he is JUST A PRESIDENT.

The Obama era was interminable for many of us. A daily parade of smug politically correct nonsense and amateur hour crony friendly policy. We endured 8 YEARS of that stuff. But you know what? Obama was JUST A PRESIDENT too. Life went on. Just as life will go on after Trump.

However today, a (reasonably large) gaggle of mildly disturbed people are stuck in some kind of weird mental loop. They can't break from their hatred of Trump. Their hated seems to encompass them. It's like Trump actually has a weird control over them. I have never seen anything like it in my 43 years. Nothing close. Never have I seen so many reasonably functional people lose it collectively. It is frankly disturbing. It makes no sense.

On many things Trump is correct. He's correct to highlight a media establishment that is essentially a wing of the Democratic Party and which has abandoned anything like objectivity. He is right to raise the issue of soveriegnty (though we disagree with some of the ways he's done this.) He is right to point out that the politically correct cult is full of it. He is correct to point out, and it pains us to say this, that there are people in prominence who don't want the best for this country. He was right to highlight the ugliness of the Clinton machine. He was right in highlighting the fact that during the Obama administration the core of the country was held in contempt. (Before they were "deplorables" they were "clingers".)

But the people who thought Obama heralded some new reality, that they had finally gotten one up on the deplorable clingers, can't adjust to actual reality coming back. They don't want reality. They want the PC lie to continue and for their hatred of certain people to be indulged as it was under Obama. They can't stand change. As such, in their "resistance" they are succumbing to neurosis.