• Nick Sorrentino

Oscars so politically correct no one can/will host them

There was a time when hosting the Oscars was an honor people fought for. Sure one would be criticized if one flopped, and that did happen, but generally being the one to run the show of shows (at least for Hollywood) was coveted. Fast forward to today.

It appears, according to The Daily Caller that the Oscars will not have a host this year. Why? Well, after Kevin Hart got taken out for tweets made years ago and as a PROFESSIONAL COMEDIAN, it sounds like everyone has passed.

(From The Daily Caller)
The Oscars are expected to not have a host for the 2019 show.
Kevin Hart was supposed to do it, but fell out of favor after people complained about tweets from years ago. It was an absurd situation that was embarrassing for people flipping out. Hart also confirmed Wednesday that he was absolutely out. Now, it’s likely there won’t be a host at all.

We are all heartbroken here at The Sorrentino.