• Nick Sorrentino

Paglia: "The corruption of Western universities by postmodernism...has been an absolute disgrace"

Camille Paglia is someone everyone, Right, Left, other, should read. One of the few people who is commonly associated with the "Left" who isn't afraid to highlight the stupidity of political correctness, she is a breath of fresh air. This even though she's been sharing her ideas for decades.

For many the emergence of political correctness, which emerged out of the Fresh post-modernists, was so patently absurd they thought they could dismiss it. We now have no such luxury. Over the last 25 years the PC cult, the social justice zealots, have run rampant on American campuses. And as designed the products of these universities have infected our media, our politics, and society at large.

Everything in the eyes of some must be about race or gender and "equity" (the equality of outcome not opportunity). Those who have not been raised in the political correctness church see the absolute ridiculousness of the cult. But, as we've seen the cult is large and it overwhelms the rational with sheer numbers. Thinking people however must fight on. Not with a "lost cause" disposition but with the understanding that rational thought will win out over the nihilist, tribalist, indeed racist, nonsense this is fashion in almost all of academia and in much of the broader world. Political correctness and gender and race obsession are retrograde. Liberty is ACTUALLY PROGRESSIVE. PC is about erecting an intelectual facade. It is about power. It is not about justice. Far from it. PC is a tool of coercion, newspeak a la 1984. It's about keeping people from thinking.

(From Quillette)
Most established professors in the 1970s probably believed that the new theory trend was a fad that would blow away like autumn leaves. The greatness of the complex and continuous Western tradition seemed self-evident: the canon would surely stand, even if supplemented by new names. Well, guess what? Helped along by a swelling horde of officious, overpaid administrators, North American universities became, decade by decade, political correctness camps. Out went half the classics, as well as pedagogically useful survey courses demonstrating sequential patterns in history (now dismissed as a “false narrative” by callow theorists). Bookish, introverted old-school professors were not prepared for guerrilla warfare to defend basic scholarly principles or to withstand waves of defamation and harassment.

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