• Nick Sorrentino

Pianos, snowboards, fine wine, all paid for by US taxpayers as bureaucrats maximize their budgets

Every agency wants to spend every dime allocated it so that next year the agency can ask for more. That the US taxpayer pays for these things is of little concern of course. That we have a $20 trillion debt is of absolutely NO concern.

So what? Nobody cares. Spend that money and make sure to pay as MUCH AS POSSIBLE for anything you buy. It's not like the American people would have liked to have kept their money or anything.

(From WSBTV)
At the end of every fiscal year, a spending spree of billions of federal tax dollars occurs in a matter of days. But not all of that money goes to essential items. We found examples of federal purchases for wine, snowboards, pianos, guitars and fancy gym equipment.
We dug through thousands of federal contracts for September, the last month of the fiscal year. In just one month, the U.S. government spent more than $6.2 million dollars on gym equipment. That includes millions spent on CrossFit equipment, one of the country’s hottest fitness trends. The State Department specified in a contract for jump ropes that they specifically needed the brand endorsed by CrossFit star Rich Froning.
We also found orders for music equipment, like a $20,000 grand piano, Fender guitars and saxophones. Other contracts included $10,000 for snowboards and dozens of iPads.

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