• Nick Sorrentino

Please, TSA Workers, Don’t Come Back And take the rest of your federal colleagues with you.

That would be great.

This country is not supposed to be a big government quasi-socialist behemoth. We were SUPPOSED to be different from the rest of the world. This was SUPPOSED to be a land of opportunity, freedom, and liberty. We are not supposed to see the government in our everyday lives. This is supposed to be a land free of kings and crony minions. But in the name of security we allowed the beast to grow and envelop the country. Perhaps it's time to reassess.

Actually it's time to start cutting or at the very least start letting people go.

(From Reason)
"Security theater" is what security expert Bruce Schneier, a lecturer at Harvard University's Kennedy School of government, calls most of what the TSA does. They're "measures that make us feel safer without improving security… I've repeatedly said that the two things that have made flying safer since 9/11 are reinforcing the cockpit doors and persuading passengers that they need to fight back. Everything beyond that isn't worth it."
If it isn't worth it, why pay for it?
And now many TSA agents are looking for alternative employment. Most of them are probably landing gigs in the private sector (we know the feds aren't paying at the moment) for employers willing to exchange their own money for what the sometime federal security agents have to offer. That suggests a good chance that their new jobs may well be worth something more than what they do for the government. So let them go!

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