• Nick Sorrentino

Polar Vortex: Killer Freeze Is Really Due To...Wait For It...Global Warming

As we've said before, we know people in the climate change movement. We like many of them. Our position after having talked, no kidding, to multiple people on the leading edge of climate science in the last 5 years, most of whom are not skeptics, is that global warming is likely happening to a small degree. Humans likely contribute some to this. But the numbers held to by the United Nations and much of the movement are way off the mark to the upside. We are NOT looking at some global catastrophic situation at all. Those who want you to believe the scary scenarios, at least many of the alarmists, just want an excuse to regulate the planet even more. The assumption is the more scared they can make the public, the more they can get away with. We're not kidding. We've heard this articulated.

This is our informed assessment. You don't have to take our word for it. But there is so much BS around climate science and at least we're being straight with you. That's more than Al Gore can say.

(From IBD)
The fact is, our climate changes all the time. As a highly complex system, climate is inherently unstable. Saying "climate change" is merely stating an obvious fact: it's never not changing. And claiming it's all due to human-made CO2 runs into a central issue: All of the statistical models assume that increases in CO2 will lead inevitably to higher temperatures. It's science, the activists say.
Unfortunately, for 20 years now, average temperatures have shown little if any change at all, even though CO2 concentrations have gone up. This is contradiction can't be argued away.
This goes to the very heart of what science is, and isn't. It violates a primary tenet of experimental science put forth by the late Karl Popper, considered by many the greatest philosopher of science in the 20th century. In layman's language, Popper said that to prove something in science, you must first be able to test it for being false. Otherwise, what you have isn't science, it's religion, or faith. It's a "nonfalsifiable hypothesis." It can neither be proven nor disproven.

The science is not "settled". No science is "settled". And by the way, our carbon emissions in this country are stable to down over the last 2 decades. (Thanks by the way in large part to cheap natural gas from fracking.) China on the other hand has spiked sharply up. And be aware that China got a bye on the Paris Climate Agreement. It didn't have to adhere to the same rules as the West. It can keep spewing as much carbon as it wants. We wonder why that is?