• Nick Sorrentino

Politico Asks: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Hillary?

Some people don't think she's a problem at all. They still cheer her on — sort of.

The question is really, if she keeps hanging around as Politico says she will, how much damage will she do to the Democrats over the medium and long term? The answer it seems to us is plenty.

So long as the Democrats continue to embrace an identitarian strategy, of which Hillary embodies, which emphasizes difference over commonality the Dems are going to continue to have problems. 

The truth is the country is more than ready to vote for its first woman president. It has been probably for a couple of decades. What it is not ready for is to vote for a flat out FEMINIST (as defined by most American feminists, sans Camille Paglia) president. 

Additionally what Hillary did to the country with her sour grapes fit is at best deeply damaging, self centered, and delusional. At worst it was a crime that undermined the American experiment.

(From Politico)
On the other hand, some Democrats say, why should the woman who won the popular vote in 2016—62,523,126 votes, to be precise, the biggest number of votes in history with the exception of President Barack Obama—be silenced at a time of great public discourse? Why is it only Hillary Clinton, not Joe Biden or John Kerry or even Bernie Sanders, for that matter, who is seen as so tarnished by a presidential loss that she must sit silent on the sidelines?

You know why it's because she's a "woman!"

No, it's not that. It's that she acted like she was going to be crowned not elected. Then when she lost she indulged in, and encouraged others to indulge in a fantasy that hurt the country like few things have. Not to mention the missing emails, the missing speeches to Goldman Sachs, the rigging of the Democratic primaries against Bernie Sanders, the super delegate army that she deployed against anyone who challenged her in the party, the millions and millions from corporate sponsors, oh, and the fact that she dismissed the core of the country as "deplorables".

It's not because she's a woman. That trope feels very 2016 these days. It's because she failed and in the face of failure raged out in a way that hurt the country. Keeping Hillary at arms distance is the wise political move these days. Ms. Clinton is just going to have to come to terms with that.

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