• Nick Sorrentino

Politico: Hollywood wants a more ‘authentic’ 2020 candidate*rewind

Posted on May 8, 2017 by Nick Sorrentino

If Hollywood wanted an actual authentic candidate there would be no reason for quotes, despite the word being pulled from the following article. No, what Hollywood wants is someone who looks “authentic” in their eyes and as such can fool middle America into voting for him or her. Hollywood is the most vacuous place on earth. The folks there have no interest in actual authenticity. That’s why they are in entertainment for crying out loud. They are in the business of FAKE, not “authentic.”

By the way I went to the initial “Women Rule” conference at The Mandarin Hotel in DC a few years ago where I heard Joe Biden’s daughter tell us all about her very “typical upbringing,” including her 3 week vacation with the VP in the Grand Tetons. I just remember staring blankly at the stage as Biden’s daughter rambled on and on about life in with her surgeon husband and the struggles she had seen. About how one’s 30s were about getting to know oneself. I also remember a young African American woman who caught me rolling my eyes mid-story and the knowing smile she gave me. The BS was off the charts that day. Guess it still is at “Women Rule.”

Also I think Nancy Pelosi named the conference, or claimed to have, as I remember. Consider that it’s called “Women RULE.” The word “rule” should not be used by an American politician even if they do think that they “rule.” But perhaps it’s for the best that it’s in the open.

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