• Nick Sorrentino

Poll Shows Most Americans Favor Limits on Abortion

This is unsurprising. Abortion in many respects is like another deeply divisive issue of a long time ago, slavery.

Oh I can hear the blood boiling in some people's veins. But it's true.

In the past most Americans, even many Americans in the South, disliked slavery. But they tolerated it for various reasons, not the least of which was that a powerful political constituency wanted to keep the institution of slavery intact.

But in the back of the minds of everyone who thought about slavery seriously was the understanding that technology would likely soon make slavery unfeasible. Because of this deep intellectual undercurrent the foundational support for slavery eroded. As we know, it didn't erode fast enough however.

Likewise with abortion. As time has gone on and as abortion rights activists have pushed not only for "tolerance" of the procedure, but for the acceptance of the act, more people have been turned off. As contraception has improved people have also become less inclined to accept abortion generally. As technology has improved the brutality of abortion seems less justified in the eyes of the general public.

There is however an established and powerful constituency that wants (needs?) to keep abortion legal on the national level. Like the plantation owners of old who clung to slavery, so too do the Planned Parenthood types cling to their institution. Planned parenthood gets $500 million from taxpayers every year (seriously, can you believe this?) and some people want to make sure that money keeps flowing.

Under our Constitution is appears that abortion, like capital punishment, should be again relegated to the states. This is the constitutionally consistent position, though it is almost universally unsatisfactory to warriors on either side of the issue.

(From Real Clear Politics)
In some years, including this one, more Americans may identify as pro-choice than pro-life, but more than six in 10 of those who say they are pro-choice (61 percent) join the three-quarters of all Americans in wanting abortion restricted to – again, at most – the first trimester. So do about six in 10 Democrats (59 percent), eight in 10 independents (78 percent) and nine in 10 Republicans (92 percent).

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