• Nick Sorrentino

Private Companies Are Paying To Keep Roads Groomed, Bathrooms Cleaned In Yellowstone

Word. This is how it's supposed to be done in the United States of America. Government is meant to be small in this country. It should not be a part of the everyday person's life from day to day, with the possible exception of the post office.

(From NPR)
...And will the Park Service reimburse them for paying park employees during the shutdown? "There is no reimbursement from the government after the shutdown ends," says Mike Keller, Xanterra's general manager in Yellowstone, "The funds that we pay operate for those days. We won't be reimbursed the dollars that we've committed for the previous 14 days."
Nor is Xanterra getting reimbursed for the half-dozen of its own employees who are cleaning park bathrooms during the shutdown. Snowmobile guide services like Jerry Johnson's are packing in their own toilet paper, and packing out all their trash. Johnson says they're happy to keep the park open and clean.

God Bless America and the people who have committed to doing the right thing for their communities and their businesses around Yellowstone. (That's the Mountain West for you.)

Also if anyone is interested the Libertarian Party is meeting on the National Mall to pick up trash tomorrow. Go, libertarians are fun folks.