• Nick Sorrentino

Progressive activists push 2020 Dems to pack Supreme Court

Hey, when you lose, cheat. If there is nothing else that we have learned from this era of Trump induced nuttiness it is that. Trump won and the Dems went to new tactics. Tactics that may not age well.

FDR almost packed the court when the Supreme Court sought to keep FDR from expanding the government far beyond the parameters of the Constitution in the late 30s. In the end the Supreme Court capitulated to FDR and the old man got his way (for a time.) This is one of the reasons many people consider(ed) Roosevelt to be a near dictator. (Don't forget putting US citizens into concentration camps in California.) Now the statists are again mad that we might have a Supreme Court that is more respectful of the Constitution and the concepts of limited government upon which this Republic was founded. So they want to pack the courts with Justices who will abandon the Constitution and further the encroachment of the state into the lives of everyday citizens.

How this kind of thinking, really state feudalist thinking, is "progressive" is beyond us.

(From Politico) The recently created organization aptly named “Pack the Courts” told POLITICO they have raised over $500,000 to jump-start their effort and have partnered with Demand Justice, a progressive group founded in 2018 that is trying to match the Republican organizing efforts around the Judiciary.

We wonder where this $500,000 comes from? Steyer, Soros, one of the other big government billionaires?

Pack the Courts executive director Aaron Belkin, a political science professor at San Francisco State University, said that he thinks norms are important but “in this moment, only one side is honoring norms meaning they aren’t really norms anymore.” He said that adding justices to the Supreme Court, which has been pegged at nine since 1869, could “restore democracy to our democracy” with decisions on issues like voting rights and gerrymandering.

It is bizarre to us that the Dems think that THEY"VE been the reasonable ones since the Trump era has dawned. The Democratic Party in its rage has sought to take the country almost over a cliff. Trump, for all his many faults, and he has many, has mostly just called the Dems out. The Dems are not used to this. The Democrats are used to Republicans just taking it and as such have fallen into an sustained fit of indignation since Trump blew up the Clinton dream.

Trump's over the top. But given what happened at the FBI after his election one has to give him some - some - leeway.