• Nick Sorrentino

Provisional Ballot Boxes Discovered Inside AVIS Rental Car At Ft. Lauderdale Airport

Miami is often called the "capital" of Latin America so we shouldn't be surprised to see Latin American type politics going on in the place.

It is amazing to see people in the old media justifying the nonsense down in Florida and elsewhere. But we shouldn't be surprised.

Old media hegemony is a big part of what this most recent election was all about. The media wanted to re-assert that it is THEY who set the agenda. It is their world view that will be pumped into the homes of Americans. There is no pushing back on political correctness. There is no free thought or free speech. There is no room for those who think small government is what defines the country. No. Better to drift into a third world state of affairs than let the truth get out of the bag.

You see voter fraud is a "conspiracy theory".

Bull. The old media knows it's bull. Dismissing voter fraud, something that has long plagued placed like Chicago, and South Texas, and New York City, and Louisiana, and West Virginia, is ridiculous. Of course there's voter fraud. And we may be seeing some big time fraud now.

(From Zerohedge)
"The FBI needs to kick in the door, interview all board of election employees, shutter the Broward County elections offices, seize all the ballots and put a stop to the Democrats disrupting the elections," said GOP operative Ali Alexander with StopTheSteal - a campaign established to collect intelligence  and document alleged election malfeasance amid the Florida ballot controversies. 
"This is a bigger story than we could have ever imagined and Floridians and the entire country demand answers." 

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