• Nick Sorrentino

Rabbi says congregants should arm themselves

Meanwhile in Israel.

Yes it's a shame that such a thing must be said. However given the history of Judaism I can see why many Jews might be inclined toward gun ownership. I know that if I was Jewish I would certainly be so inclined.

There's a reason Hitler instituted gun control laws.

(From The New York Post)
With the premise permit, Moskowitz says members of a synagogue would be allowed to carry a weapon while at services and travel to and from the building with it.
The rabbi believes that arming the congregants is ultimately a better solution than using private security or police protection because a member of a synagogue would be able to spot more things out of the ordinary. A cop or guard would not be as familiar with the temple, Moskowitz said.

This just seems like common sense. But common sense is in short supply in many areas dominated by gun control advocates.

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