• Nick Sorrentino

Rand Paul considers law banning lobbyists working for foreign governments

This is a pretty reasonable proposal in our opinion. There are no doubt many lobbyists working for foreign interests in Washington who at least to some degree, and perhaps occasionally to a large degree, are working against the interests of the USA and the American people.

The logistics of how such a law would work could be complicated. Would the law only apply to registered lobbyists? There are more unregistered lobbyists than registered lobbyists these days. There are also possible 1st Amendment issues.

(From The Washington Examiner)
Sen. Rand Paul is weighing whether to propose legislation that prohibits lobbyists from advocating for foreign governments.
"I'm toying with the idea, and contemplating it, and in discussions of whether or not we should just make a law that you can't do lobbying for foreign governments because it really does appear to be divided loyalty whether you're in government or not," the Kentucky Republican told Fox News Tuesday.
"I don't like the idea that Saudi Arabia spends tens of millions of dollars every year hiring people for their interests. Their ambassador should come to our capitol and tell us what the interests of Saudi Arabia are," the outspoken libertarian said. "I think that's unseemly, and a lot of people could potentially be hired that aren't working in our country's interest."

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