• Nick Sorrentino

Rep. Justin Amash Takes on Eminent Domain with 'Just Compensation' Bill

He doesn't have a beef with the wall per se, but he has a big beef with the abuse of eminent domain and does not want to see landowners unjustly burdened with the building of any wall.

If you don't know Justin Amash you should. He is one of the very few "good guys" we have in Congress these days.

(From Reason)
The Eminent Domain Just Compensation Act, the text of which Amash posted to Twitter, doesn't specifically mention President Donald Trump's proposed border wall. But considering the timing—Trump and congressional Democrats are currently at an impasse regarding $5.7 billion in wall funding—the immediate potential impact is pretty clear.
As Amash's office noted in a press release, the Fifth Amendment does allow the government to take "private property for public use," as long as "just compensation" is provided. "But in some cases," the statement explains, "the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other government agencies are using 'quick take' condemnations to take possession of private property before just compensation has been determined."

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