• Nick Sorrentino

Revealed: Facebook's secret censorship rule-book.

We wonder if this publication and our affiliate publication AC2 NEWS (part of Against Crony Capitalism) have been affected by social media censorship? Our position here is pro-liberty. That is the lens through which we critique world events. We are classical liberals. We are for open minds, open hearts, and critical thought. This means however that we do focus on areas where some would like to erect or keep taboos. We want to discuss things that challenge the prevailing viewpoint. We feel that an educated citizenry is key to avoiding the dangers of totalitarianism and small mindedness.

This puts us in conflict with many who fully embrace the politically correct worldview and the current unwritten speech codes. We are very familiar with the PC culture that is centered in many respects in Silicon Valley and San Francisco. (Home to Facebook, Twitter, and other similar companies.) An alternative reality world where using the word "rape" (as in raping the Earth etc) is practically a crime, it is not hard to imagine that someone reviewing our work which is not unceasingly critical of the president (though we are often very critical), pro-liberty, pro free market, and anti-statist might annoy some young PC indoctrinated censor.

We hope that Facebook, which has been a good partner for us and a company with which we have done significant business can rethink the level of censorship it seems to be embracing currently.

At Davos this year George Soros threatened Facebook and said that the company's "days were numbered." That is ridiculous. Who is George Soros to say this? However if Facebook keeps turning the screws on free thinkers it may in the long run blow itself up just as George Soros, who fears communication by everyday people, wants.

Please Facebook, embrace liberty, freedom, and open mindedness. At the very least embrace freedom if not liberty and open mindedness. The Internet was supposed to be a liberated place.

(From The Daily Mail)
Dozens of Facebook employees gather to come up with the rules for what the site's two billion users posting in hundreds of different languages should be allowed to say...
...Facebook employees, mostly young engineers and lawyers, meet every Tuesday morning to set the guidelines, and try to tackle complex issues in more than 100 different languages and apply them to simple yes-or-no rules, often in a matter of seconds.
The company also outsources much of the individual post moderation to companies that use largely unskilled workers - many hired from call centers.

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