• Nick Sorrentino

Rick Scott blindsides DeSantis on his way out

There is absolutely nothing normal about Florida. Have you noticed this too? The place is just weird. The year long warmth grows whacky behavior like it grows giant palmetto bugs. As such I guess this middle finger to a fellow Republican from the outgoing governor to the incoming governor isn't THAT strange.

(From Politico)
Tensions between the old governor and the new governor had been simmering under the surface for more than a month, but it burst into public view Tuesday after Scott abruptly left his successor’s inauguration ceremony, leading DeSantis to ad lib the parts of his speech in which he planned to personally thank Scott.
DeSantis’ team knew Scott would need to leave the ceremony at some point to attend his own Senate swearing in ceremony in Washington but were surprised when the former governor didn’t stay for the speech. DeSantis loyalists were already miffed that Scott’s political committee decided to throw a ball in Washington to celebrate his installation in the U.S. Senate that overlapped with the traditional inaugural celebration for the governor in Tallahassee.

Classy move Senator Scott.

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