• Nick Sorrentino

Rosenstein, DOJ exploring ways to more easily spy on journalists

The Feds presured the press to a serious degree during Obama years. People at The New York Times, CBS News, and Reason Magazine (To name three) felt heat. But before Obama Bush was sweating other journalists.

(From The Hill)
The current guidelines have their origins back to a time when Bill Clinton was president and Janet Reno was attorney general, long before WikiLeaks was a twinkle in Julian Assange’s eye.

(And so what? The 1st Amendment is the 1st Amendment.)

Reportedly the new guides have 2 main goals.

The first is to lower the threshold that prosecutors must meet before requesting subpoenas for journalists’ records; the second is to eliminate the need to alert a media organization that Justice intends to issue a subpoena.

Government always seeks to protect itself, as the whole Trump FBI debacle illustrates. There are always those within Leviathan that want to erode the rights of the citizenry for the benefit of the bureaucracy. This is the nature of government and this tendency must always be fought.