• Nick Sorrentino

Royals face 'tax nightmare' as US officials use Meghan's American citizenship to target Harry

Oooh, this is interesting. Now generally we are no fans of the "royals". We fought a war to get away from those guys if you remember. But we hate to see anyone get hammered by the IRS, even, we guess, Prince Harry and Mehgan Markle.

(From MSN)
The Royal Family faces a tax 'nightmare' as US officials examine whether Meghan and Harry owe them a slice of their multi-million pound fortune, according to reports.
The Duchess of Sussex is still an American citizen so has to pay tax in the US, and this could extend to anyone else she draws money from, including her husband.
This could deplete both her $5million US fortune and Prince Harry's main source of private wealth, a £300,000-a-year trust fund on which he pays UK income tax.

Our question is, where'd Meghan's money come from?

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