• Nick Sorrentino

Schiff REWIND: FEC Records Indicate Hillary Campaign Illegally Laundered $84 Million

This post originally ran on April 25, 2018 at AC2News

We’ve posted on this in the past and we are pleased that the story is getting renewed attention. In December we wrote:

Again, one of the reasons we think that some apologists for Hillary Clinton continue to be apologists for Hillary Clinton is that they simply don’t know what is actually up with Hillary Clinton. They haven’t really been exposed to the shenanigans of the Clinton Foundation etc. because they largely just didn’t want to hear about them and they follow media that is generally pro-Hills. They choose to be willfully ignorant.
Then there are those who know what the Clinton machine was all about and don’t care.
Then there are still others who are PAID to act like what Hillary and Company pulled isn’t a big deal. There are many big deals with regard to the Clinton campaign of 2016 and The Clinton Foundation generally.
Lots of checks written from lots of folks Americans probably wouldn’t like.

Recently I was speaking to a non-political person about how contributions to Hillary Clinton were allegedly laundered through the Democratic Party and then funneled directly to the Clinton campaign in what appears to be a violation of campaign finance laws. I explained that many people, many prominent people, wrote checks to the Democratic Party that appear to have been intended solely for the Democratic presidential nominee. The ears of this non-political person perked.

And just think. If Clinton had won we’d likely know nothing about what happened.

But she didn’t win.

As we’ve said in the past, Clinton shouldn’t get off just because she lost or because some people think Donald Trump is a jerk.

And as Judge Napolitano recently said, we don’t “lock up” the opposition post election like some 3rd world country, but the Clinton case appears extraordinary and deserves much more examination.

(From The Federalist)
Over a 13-month period, FEC records show some 30 separate occasions when the HVF transferred contributions totaling more than $10 million to the DNC without any corresponding record of the receipt or disbursement from the state parties, thus illegally leap-frogging the state Democratic parties.
On the other hand, of the contributions state parties reported as received from the HVF, 99 percent wound up at the DNC. They were transferred immediately or within a day or two, raising questions of whether the state Democratic committees truly exercised control over the money—something necessary under campaign finance law to allow a later-legal transfer to the DNC.
Again, the evidence is damning. According to Politico, “[w]hile state party officials were made aware that Clinton’s campaign would control the movement of the funds between participating committees, one operative who has relationships with multiple state parties said that some of their officials have complained that they weren’t notified of the transfers into and out of their accounts until after the fact.”

That is a big time no no. To say the least.