• Nick Sorrentino

Senate passes criminal justice overhaul, Win for justice and win for Trump

People should be given a second chance.

I know an ex-con very well. An ex-con who spent I think over a decade in the pen. He worked to get his voting rights reinstated and in the decade since his release has sought to be a productive part of society. If people serve their time, they serve their time. They shouldn't be forced to wear a scarlet P around their necks for the rest of their lives. This isn't good for the ex-con trying to make a life, and it isn't good for us either. This is particularly true for non-violent drug offenders who in many cases probably had no business being in prison in the first place.

(From The Hill)
"Criminal justice reform is about giving more Americans a chance at redemption. The House looks forward to sending it to the president to become law," he said in a tweet
Trump quickly touted passage of the legislation in the Senate on Tuesday night, tweeting that the bill "will keep our communities safer, and provide hope and a second chance, to those who earn it."

We pray that this reform actually does some good.

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