• Nick Sorrentino

(So She's Running?) Hillary Clinton says Europe needs to curb migration to counter 'nationalism'

This comes from the official pro-Clinton mouthpiece CNN. It's an interesting rhetorical wrinkle and feels like it was crafted in a focus group room somewhere.

(From CNN)
In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, the former US secretary of state and 2016 presidential candidate commended European leaders like German Chancellor Angela Merkel for their kindness toward migrants. But she said they need to send out a stronger message that they won't be always able to "provide refuge and support."
Clinton's words contrast with her criticism of President Donald Trump...

This is a smart tactical move and she is the first on the Left to have made it (at least in this country.) She is acknowledging that Trump (from a political perspective anyway) is correct and that even her potential voters are concerned with the idea that the country could be overwhelmed by the rest of the world if it isn't smart.

This also creates some contrast between she and some of the more radical voices within the Democratic Party which are calling for abolishing ICE and for completely open borders.

Knowing Clinton of course who knows what she really thinks? But that she is taking this tack is potentially a very interesting move and it certainly seems to signal a somewhat different type of engagement with the public.

She's a politician and she is seeking to fill an empty space in the body politic. We'd say the odds of her running in 2020 just went up.