• Nick Sorrentino

Soros puppet? Ocasio-Cortez goes after Facebook, Google on 'Climate Change'?

This meme is more true than many want to admit. Big government fills a psychological hole for some people.

We are loathe to write about this woman again, but alas we are. She is only a freshman congresswoman essentially representing the equivalent of 2/3 of Cincinnati Ohio. She's not a Senator. She's not even the head of a committee. But because she's photogenic, young, and a far left socialist she gets publicity. And we are also giving her some.

Saying that, it's important to address her because she is completely disconnected from reality. She walks around in designer clothing, is from Westchester County New York, upscale Yorktown Heights specifically, not The Bronx as she asserted (lied), but because she's the anti-Trump she gets to be on TV and whine?

Of course she does.

The woman does not seem to understand basic economics. She doesn't seem to understand that property rights and the rule of law are key to a successful society. She doesn't understand that this country is supposed to have as little government as humanly possible. That very limited government is THE founding, bedrock principle of our republic. (Though we've lost our way on this.) She is dangerous because in her daftness she is easily manipulated as we have already seen.

That she is already shilling for George Soros is telling. That she is pushing "climate change", as an issue, one of Soros's as it is an excuse to regulate EVERYTHING, is telling. That she is now attacking the same companies George Soros attacked one year ago (he said Facebook's "days were numbered") in Davos is telling.

And one last thing. We'd love to know who Ms. Ocasio-Cortez's PR firm is. They are doing a helluva job. Seriously.

(From Zerohedge)

That Ms. Ocasio-Cortez (and no we're not going to call the freshman congresswoman "AOC") who lied about her upbringing to everyone, who has asserted that the world might end (we're not kidding) in 12 years due to "climate change" to talk about "high quality true information" is absurd. She's a known fibber (at best.) But she knows that her untruths will be accepted by a certain group of people who want her untruths to be true, or who are just hopelessly lost anyway. It is a tried and true political strategy.

Whether Ocasio-Cortez is manipulating the useful idiots or is one herself is unclear at this point. But one thing is absolutely clear. Idiocy surrounds her.