• Nick Sorrentino

Soros wants to kill Facebook (all social media most likely)

Updated: Nov 24, 2018

The thing to remember with George Soros is that he seems to hold the everyday person in contempt. He is wise (in his aging eyes) and almost unfathomably rich, and the everyday person, the rabble, should just shut up and follow his lead.

The peasants you see are the problem, as we mentioned in a pervious post today. They have simple and backward desires. They are constantly gumming up the plans of the great men (and presumably) women who want to link the globe ever tighter and especially to take the USA down a few notches.

This is a big part of what the European Union, the deeply crony, bureaucrat dominated, anti democratic system of government that is gobbling up the sovereignty of peoples across The Continent is all about. You see, in Soros’s view the people who hold that the individual, particularly individuals of modest pedigree, have value and deserve a voice are speed bumps on the way to progress. Better to centralize everything as much as possible so that power is concentrated as much as possible and taken out of the hands of the “deplorables” around the world.

You are the problem. Your voice is a problem. That you insist as being treated as a human being with dignity and worth and that you reject the idea you have “betters” is of serious irritation to people like Soros, and his tribe of privately jetted “Davos Men.”

Soros thinks that because everyday people rose up to defeat Hillary Clinton, and to a large extent reject the officially sanctioned “Obama was progress” narrative in 2016, that this means freedom has gone too far.

Social media gives voice to the les miserables, the deplorables, and these people need to know that they are chattel at best. How dare they voice opposition to Davos Man? Who do they think they are? Equals? No, no, we can’t have the everyday person thinking that. Because if they got all uppity the peasants might derail the European Union and the plan to take the USA down a few pegs. If word got out and people really come to understand what people like George Soros were up to, that could be a HUGE problem. Such a revolt could screw up everything the old man has worked for. The peasants aren’t going to put him in his place. No, no, the peasants must know THEIR place. That is, at the silent margins.

Social media empowers the everyday person. Even in today’s hyper regulated social media world (the firms do the regulating, usually reflecting the will of those in government) people can still make their voices heard to a large extent. George Soros would like the rabble silenced. (Just like they have been in China.)

Facebook has not been some bastion of free speech, particularly of late. It has moved to disenfranchise far too many conservative and libertarian voices over the last year. Even still, this is not enough for George Soros, who now doubt at 86 has a firm grasp of social media and totally understands why Russian ads meant absolutely nothing in the 2016 election. He totally gets that. No way in his arrogance and technological ignorance he wants to blow up the universe just because the universe has moved against him. He’d never do that.

Of course he would. Never forget that. He wants you voiceless.

(From The BBC)
In it, he confirmed Facebook had directed the PR firm Definers to investigate Soros's links to the Freedom from Facebook campaign, which is seeking the company's break-up.
Mr Schrage added that related documents were then sent to journalists on Facebook's behalf.
The memo had originally been sent to Facebook's staff and had already been leaked to the news site Techcrunch .
But its re-publication by Facebook represented the first confirmation that Definers had not been engaged in a rogue operation.

Of course Facebook fought back. What was it supposed to do? Let the oligarch attack it while it did nothing? In January of this year Soros threatened the social media firm warning that its “days were numbered”.

Soros should be fought. He MUST be fought. He should be given no breaks. He is attacking a key part of life because he can’t come to terms with Trump. Because he was publicly humiliated and want to get even. Too bad Mr. Soros. I don’t care if you think you own Congress now. You don’t get to win. Sorry. The Deplorables have spoken and will continue to speak. Not only that, your actions are rallying people who were not inclined toward accepting the “deplorable” status to the cause.

No, hopefully Facebook will triumph and you will live long enough to see the European Union fail.

This whole situation incidentally is clouded by Soros's ongoing pissing match with Putin. One of the reasons the whole Russia narrative took hold with the establishment and generally pro Soros, pro Obama, pro Clinton media is because Soros thought that the Clinton defeat couldn't be anything but Putin knocking him out. Soros sees Brexit the same way. He can't fathom that many people consider he and Putin both to be giant pains in the world's rear. Soros can't fathom that a large swathe of people have rejected the Soros worldview and that perhaps the Soros worldview isn't (and never was) progress.

He doesn't get American exceptionalism. But he does seem to loathe it.

Putin didn't defeat you. Free people did.