• Nick Sorrentino

Soros Warns China Uses Algos to Find Threats to One-Party Rule

This isn't exactly a newsflash for those of us who follow this sort of thing, and likely for many of our readers, but that Mr. Soros is bringing this up is news.

The guy isn't ALL bad. He's really bad on all sorts of things. He is a huge crony capitalist who sponsored both Obama and Hillary Clinton. He's also fought the middle class revolt we have seen in this country and around the world. But he's not ALL bad. (Even Stalin wasn't ALL bad.)

Soros is certainly right to bring this issue up in front of the people who care about what he thinks. Algos drive much of the world online. What ads you see, what Youtube videos come up in your feed, what posts from which of your friends show up in your Facebook feed, are determined in very large part by algorithms. That China is manipulating algos to spy on its people is obvious. China's social credit scoring system, which penalizes people for buying too much booze, or jaywalking, or speeding, or practically anything, wouldn't work without highly sophisticated algorithms.

It's safe to assume also that the Chinese aren't the only governments using this technology nor that Soros wouldn't/doesn't use algorithms to further his ends.

(From Swiss Info)
The former hedge fund manager said China is developing a centralized database that will use algorithms to determine whether a person poses a threat to the one-party system. While the so-called social credit system is not yet fully operational, “it will subordinate the fate of the individual to the interests of the one-party state in ways unprecedented in history,” Soros said.
“I find the social credit system frightening and abhorrent,” he said. Soros drew a distinction between Xi and the Chinese people, saying the latter remain a main source of hope.

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