• Nick Sorrentino

Strange snafu misroutes domestic US Internet traffic through China Telecom

A snafu huh? Just happened. No biggie. Somebody must have flipped the wrong switch somewhere. We're sure that's it.

(From ARS Technica)
China Telecom, the large international communications carrier with close ties to the Chinese government, misdirected big chunks of Internet traffic through a roundabout path that threatened the security and integrity of data passing between various providers’ backbones for two and a half years, a security expert said Monday. It remained unclear if the highly circuitous paths were intentional hijackings of the Internet’s Border Gateway Protocol or were caused by accidental mishandling...
...As the following traceroute from December 3, 2017 shows, traffic originating in Los Angeles first passed through a China Telecom facility in Hangzhou, China, before reaching its final stop in Washington, DC.

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