• Nick Sorrentino

Yale/Princeton STUDY: 'Liberals' more racist than conservatives?

This surprises us in no way.

Having grown up in the South and in what was once called the most integrated large city in America, Virginia Beach, I had friends of various ethnicities. People I went surfing with or played soccer and basketball with. Friends.

However, I often see (mostly well meaning) white people of "liberal" disposition treat people of other races as clearly separate from them, as something to figure out and contemplate. It's the same mentality that encourages some to refer to "the people" as "the masses".

It's also worth noting that some of the most "liberal" parts of the USA are also the whitest. Portland Oregon is a great example of this.

(From Campus Wire)
An Ivy League study suggests that white liberals are more likely than white conservatives to draw on stereotypes when conversing with minorities.
Cydney Dupree, a Yale University organizational behavior professor, and Susan Fiske, a professor of psychology at Princeton University, conducted thestudy and found that white liberals tend to use “indirect forms of bias, drawing on negative stereotypes to affiliate with Blacks.”

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