• Nick Sorrentino

Supreme Court to Determine in April Whether Census Can Ask About Citizenship

How much do want to bet that it comes down to Justice Roberts and Roberts says that Census CAN'T ask.

It doesn't seem unreasonable to us to ask people if they are citizens or not. We ask Americans practically everything else in the census. Given that Congressional districting is determined to a signifcant degree by the census it would be logical to ask the question it seems. However some districts have much to lose potentially if non-citizens are identified.

We would actually prefer a much simplified method of census that asks how many people are in a household and nothing else. If we could do that forgoing the citizenship question would be fine by us.

(From The USA Today)
The justices agreed Friday to squeeze the blockbuster case on to their April calendar, presumably because the decennial Census questionnaire is scheduled for printing this summer. 
A coalition of state and local governments and immigrant-rights groups have complained for nearly a year that the Commerce Department is trying to intimidate both undocumented and legal immigrants. If their headcount is suppressed, it could reduce the allocation of federal resources and congressional seats to immigrant communities.