• Nick Sorrentino

Tennessee Lawmaker Wants to Criminalize Drinking Fresh Milk from Your Own Cow

Nothing says America like keeping cottage farmers from drinking milk from THEIR OWN COW. It's milk people. Fine, it might kill you, but the overwhelming odds are that it won't and in fact may make you healthier. But for some reason the government is obliged to insert itself here. Why?

Again we don't need to bubble wrap the word. If you are afraid of the world bubble wrap yourself.

Tennessee state senator Richard Briggs, a medical doctor, wants to make it illegal to drink milk fresh from your own animal.
His proposed bill would remove current language in state law that guarantees the right to consume unpasteurized milk from an animal that you either fully or partially own.
Current Tennessee law allows citizens to obtain raw milk for their own personal consumption if they have “independent or partial ownership interest in any hooved mammal.”

Seriously, what is it that drives the busybodies to regulate everything. It has to be a brain wiring thing.