• Nick Sorrentino

Texas House member wins re-election from a jail cell

Is it me or are politicians getting more "honest" these days? Or maybe voters are just getting more honest with themselves.

Hey, so what if he is spending a year in jail for illegally ambulance chasing for his firm? So what? He's a man of the people I tells ya.

(From KXAN)
Reynolds was unopposed in the race for District 27 and the latest vote totals show Reynolds garnered 47,305 votes in Tuesday's election. 
Reynolds was booked into the county jail on Sept. 7. He's serving a year-long sentence after a 2015 conviction on five misdemeanor counts of using a middleman to chase ambulances in order to solicit clients for Reynolds’ law firm.

And he was running unopposed. No one thought they could knock this guy off (or wanted to) even though he was in the clink? Now that is a political machine.

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