• Nick Sorrentino

That super high-tech dancing Russian robot? Just a guy in a costume.

OK, it wasn't that awesome, but the hoax was pretty good.

This happened at a youth robotics gathering and you know at least a few of the kids in the audience knew exactly what was up.

According to the Russian news site Meduza, state news channel Rossiya 24 ran a video in which they described "Boris the Robot" as "one of the most advanced robots in the world"—and reportedly took the thing down once they realized "Boris" was just some cosplayer, though it's now back online. On Tuesday, the network posted a glowing video of Boris's demonstration at the Proektoriya youth tech forum, in which an anchor reportedly says, “Robot Boris has already learned to dance, and he’s not that bad.”

Now if this was the Twilight Zone it would be revealed that the "human" inside of the costume was actually an android.

(Cut to Putin laughing while leaning back in a chair.)

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