• Nick Sorrentino

The Atlantic calls for Trump impeachment in new cover story (But for what?)

The Atlantic, a once pretty good magazine - we grew up with it, has published the below cover. Gol dern it we're gonna git that sonnabitch come hell or high water.

OK perhaps that isn't what they said in the Atlantic's editorial offices, but that's the sentiment.

The old media want to get Trump SO BAD. They can't stand him and they are afraid that they are running out of time and momentum.

With the mid-terms the Democrats and the old media, which constitute one uniform party essentially if not explicitly thought they'd finally be able to take Trump down. And maybe they can. The Dems are trying to subpoena whoever and whatever they can over in the House while suppressing any efforts to uncover what happened in the Obama White House and the FBI after the 2016 election. So maybe the Dems will succeed this time.

But to remove Trump 2/3 of the Senate has to vote to remove him, and that ain't gonna happen. So why even go through the impeachment effort?

Because, even though Trump has been ham handed and blustery and incorrect on many things, much of the media just cannot believe that this guy still has the support that he does. Indeed many people at places like The New Yorker, and The New York Times, and The Atlantic resent the middle class revolt that propelled Trump. The middle class is not The Atlantic's constituency. Indeed the middle class represents values the editorial staff at many of these publications likely find almost as abhorent as Trump himself. That's what the battle over "Trump" is really all about.

Again we ask. Impeach? Ok but for what?

Man, we don't remember The Atlantic calling for Obama's impeachment over the illegal war in Libya. But we probably just missed that.

(From The Hill)
The cover story of the March issue was published online Thursday, along with an image of the magazine, which reads “IMPEACH” in large, red letters.
“It’s time for Congress to judge the president’s fitness to serve,” the subhead reads. 

(And undermine the will of the people?)