• Nick Sorrentino

The Corrupt Vote Harvest in Orange County

Something stinks in California. The harvest was rotten.

(From The Spectator)
But here is where large-scale cheating comes in on this Moonbeam HarvestThey now allow ballot harvesting here. That means, on first blush, that a volunteer can offer to take a sealed, signed, and dated envelope and mail it or drop it off for the trusting voter. But the reality actually penetrates deeper: The volunteer may even offer to provide the postage stamp. (Is that a bribe? Who will know?) And who will be any the wiser if the Moonbeam Harvester even offers by-the-by to fill in the bubbles for the voter? Who will know? The ballot, after all, does not entail handwriting the choices, just filling in circles. So if the voter is a relative newcomer — let’s even assume legally, which is an assumption here — but let’s assume reasonably that the voter is not so adept in English, does not speak it or read it. Well, now you have this Moonbeam Harvester in the voter’s home, offering not only to advance the postage stamp and to take the envelope and drop it off or mail it — but even to fill in the bubbles for the voter who does not know English or otherwise has no time to ferret.

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