• Nick Sorrentino

The Dems are supposed to win on Tuesday. But what if they don’t?

Louis CK on the 2016 election

If the Dems take the House on Tuesday there will be jubilation for the Trump anguished. Perhaps their long nightmare (it doesn’t look like a nightmare to many if not most of us) will be over. Perhaps the sun will shine again (it always does). Perhaps the Democratic Party WON”T be vanquished. Perhaps some parts of Obama’s PC legacy will survive. Perhaps all the censorship efforts online worked. Perhaps the propaganda from the legacy media achieved what it could not in 2016. Happy days will return with Nancy Pelosi wielding the gavel of “justice”. Perhaps the fact that the Supreme Court has likely been skewed toward smaller government for at least a generation won’t hurt so much anymore. Perhaps, oh it is so close.

The thing is the Democrats had BETTER win. If not they are in for a world of hurt.

They will have gone all in. They will have tapped their allies in social media and legacy media and everything else and if they LOSE, the end of the Democratic Party as we know it could be a real possibility. This is not a joke.

The question has been asked whether the Kavanaugh hearings represent a Waterloo moment for Democrats.

There is no Waterloo if the Democratic Party wins tomorrow. If however the Dems don’t take the House AND lose in 2020, we could see a new party alignment coming from the Left. The Democrats as we know the party really could disappear. If the Dems are soundly beaten in 2020 that really could be the case. One can’t say that it’s LIKELY to be the case, but it is more than a remote possibility at this point.

Right now the polls are pointing toward a Democratic victory in the House and Dems should take some comfort in that as we have said . One has to believe that the pollsters aren’t going to let themselves be embarrassed like they were by Brexit and the Trump election. One has to think that they’ve adjusted their methods effectively at this point. So, if polls are pointing toward a narrow Dem victory that seems more than possible.

However, if after all the anti-Trump drum beats and the social media censorship, and the legacy media propaganda, the Democrats fail, well, let’s just say that a lot of people who have been clinging to this election as a chance at revenge may lose it. They lost it when Trump won. Then there was a year and a half of “Russia” and general Trump Derangement Syndrome. Then there was the hope of the mid-terms. The blessed mid-terms. If the mid-terms go badly for the anti-Trump set however, they are going to feel helpless. Perceived helplessness is dangerous. People often lash out when they feel they have no options.

Of course even in defeat, and again polls point toward a kind of victory for Dems this go ‘round, there are options. Life does go on. That’s what Republicans had to tell themselves for years under Obama, and frankly since Ronald Reagan.