• Nick Sorrentino

The Hill: Intel operation against Trump still going strong

The Hill is a generally left of center "inside the Beltway" publication. They've been paying more attention to "deep state" issues of late however, which is interesting.

The "deep state" is a real thing by the way. The government always works for its own interests first. It does not like disruption or change.

(From The Hill)
In the end, President Trump could be right or wrong. And the way he interacts with his intel officials deserves news coverage and scrutiny. But we should refrain from one-sided reporting based on anonymous, orchestrated leaks by people who clearly seek to use the media to sway public and political opinion.  
Our intel community — especially today, with its recent conduct under scrutiny — should not be immune from healthy skepticism. These latest press reports are a pretty good indication that, for some intel officials, their operation against the commander-in-chief continues.