• Nick Sorrentino

The middle class revolts against Macron, Pelosi, Soros types. Politics to get worse?

Pat Buchanan thinks so.

If the Democrats keep acting like gaining control of the House was some kind of mandate politics might very well get worse. Also tensions around the globe are rising as the establishment, the cronies, the globalists, the big government people fight the populists, the liberty people, the conservatives, and the just plain old middle class.

Middle class people around the globe have had enough. The people are tired of being dismissed by the political class and the allies of the old order in the old media. Even though the Dems won the House the pushback against Davos Man and company isn’t going to stop. We’re never going back to the Obama years and priorities. Times have changed forever. Sorry.

You think you’re “woke”?

If you think Nancy Pelosi is some agent for good you ain’t woke. If you don’t understand the that the REAL RESISTANCE is in opposition to people like Nancy Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton, you ain’t woke. There are new priorities and the middle class now INSISTS on setting part of the American and global agendas.

The big government people are not the “good guys” and the middle classes are finally waking up to this fact. Always keep this in mind. Government is about controlling people not helping people. (No matter what the pro-government people insist.)