• Nick Sorrentino

The Most Important Florida Election Win is the One No One is Talking About

Beto and company got most of the headlines on Wednesday morning, but there were a number of initiatives on ballots in various states that were important. Perhaps the most important was in Florida where voters sought to preemptively to hobble any efforts to raise taxes in the state.

(From Mises)
An even bigger change came with the passing of Amendment 5, which establishes that a supermajority is now required for any future tax increases in the state of Florida. This is an important protection for the state which should isolate a radical change in fiscal policy beyond the reach of a single election cycle. For example, this amendment would have gone a far way in handcuffing the ability of Andrew Gillum to follow through with his platform that prioritized Medicaid Expansion paid for by new corporate taxes. Given the makeup and geographical breakdown of the Florida legislature, it will require a serious makeover of Florida politics for these sorts of ideas to ever near a supermajority.
This protection, combined with the strides Florida has made in recent years on regulation and licensing reform and lowest-in-the-country per capita spending means Florida should remain a strong contender for its current title as the freest state economy in the country well into the future.

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