• Nick Sorrentino

The New Deal was a massive mistake for the USA. A "green" New Deal is just more cronyism

Of course don't tell any big government people that FDR's massive powergrab was bad for America. That it derailed the American ideal. 3 generations of pro-state propaganda have done their damage. "What about social security", is always the reply. What about keeping our money so we can save it ourselves? But we're not here to take apart the New Deal, again. Let's take a look instead at the new proposal.

Ms. Ocasio Cortez is only a freshman member of Congress yet she is receiving massive amounts of media coverage, like for instance this article.

She is photogenic. She is young. She's a social justice warrior. She provides the contrast to Trump that many a hyper "liberal" media producer (and almost all TV producers and Washington journalists list that way) want. In fairness she does a pretty good job of playing her bit. So what if she lied about where she grew up and her upbringing generally? That doesn't matter now. Ocasio Cortez it taking it to the "hierarchy" (sic).

We are currently seeing a very interesting charade play out around Ms. Ocasio Cortez and a few newly old media blessed freshmen. Many in the public seem to think that these folks are "raging against the machine". As if being a "socialist" stands in contrast to the current order. It does not.

We have long been a deeply regulated, highly taxed, overly policed, society engineered from Washington DC. In other words Ms. Ocasio Cortez and her "democratic socialism" are just more of the same. Her perspective is not new. It's the same old tired nonsense that gets dusted off every 30 years or so.

Giving up your liberty, money, freedom, privacy, and independence to the state is not "progressive". It is just state fuedalism. And that is what Ocasio Cortez and similarly minded folks represent and as such they must be resisted and then countered.

(From Fox News)
Some of the most vaguely worded parts of Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal plan are those that promise to increase the power of labor unions and give favors to left-wing industries.
According to the proposal, the Green New Deal would “deeply involve national and local labor unions to take a leadership role in the process of job training and worker deployment,” and it promises the “funding (of) massive investment in the drawdown of greenhouse gases.” That’s a code phrase for giving billions of taxpayer dollars to renewable-energy companies.

That's right. Lets "invite" the government even more into our lives. Let's empower the government cronies even more. Let's give the busybodies even more influence. No way that will be a disaster.

In fairness it will only be a disaster for people who value their freedom and liberty. Many people and probably most of the people who like Ms. Ocasio Cortez don't really care about freedom or liberty. They are happy being cogs. Just keep their bellies full.

The "lords" in Washington will happily oblige.