• Nick Sorrentino

The Real Resistance: Washington State Sheriffs Refuse To Enforce Unconstitutional Gun Laws

Have you noticed that the people who seem to fancy themselves part of some "resistance" are pretty much the opposite of the actual resistance. The TEA Party was a watered down and would become a bastardized version of the Ron Paul Revolution, but it was legitimately resisting, for the most part, the encroaching state and the powers that be. The "resistance" of the Subaru (and don't get us wrong we love Subarus) bumper sticker variety seem like they are much more interested in inviting the state ever more into our lives. Kinda weird thing for "rebels" to do.

Some people still have their bearings though thank goodness.

From Zerohedge)
Long thought to be the last line of defense between authoritarianism and freedom, sheriffs are in a unique position. As elected officials, basically nobody has authority over them – not the judges, not the Feds – no one except the people who may or may not choose to re-elect them...
...In Ferry county in eastern Washington, more than 72% of voters rejected I-1639. In the county’s only incorporated city, Republic, the police chief Loren Culp asked the council in November to declare the city a “second amendment sanctuary”. That vote has been delayed until March, but in the meantime, like Songer, Culp says he will not enforce.
The sheriff in Ferry county, Ray Maycumber, told the Guardian that he would not be enforcing the laws either, at least until the NRA’s litigation is completed.

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