• Nick Sorrentino

The shutdown’s real lesson: Government is too involved in our lives

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

That's right. The government is far to involved in our lives. But this is not news. It is however a point of debate. There are some people who think the government should be seen (and felt) all the time. They believe in the state. They believe in control. They run counter to the spirit and the foundational ethos of the USA, liberty.

Unfortunately the people who are inclined toward statism have held the day for 100 years or so. As such government has injected itself into every nook and cranny of our lives. Government is ubiquitous. And this, as we said, and as many people know, is a massive mistake. We shouldn't be able to tell if the government is shut down 25% or not. Not in this country.

(From Marketwatch)
Privatization of such businesses may seem radical, but a privatization revolution has swept the world since the 1980s as more than 100 countries have moved more than $3 trillion of state-owned businesses to the private sector. Air traffic control systems, postal services, passenger rail and other activities have been successfully privatized abroad.

Yes indeed. It is time to privatize all manner of things. Private organizations tend to work. Big government bureaucracies tend not to work and are almost always expensive to boot. This is a conversation that we need to start having in a serious way.

Let's start with TSA and go from there.