• Nick Sorrentino

This 43-year-old 'running for president' in 2020 wants taxpayers to give everyone $1,000 a month

The communists cometh. This is how, once and for all, the government bureaucrats snuff out any sort of independence from the state. The goal is to attach the average person to the government. That way any sort of freedom or liberty is crushed. This is the freeway to serfdom. You are a ward of the state, and your "betters" will throw you some crumbs so long as you stay in line and don't cause any trouble for people like them.

You need that check now don't you? Now, you wouldn't do anything to upset the dear government would you? That would be bad. Big Brother would not take kindly to that. He might have to make your life very difficult. What did you think? That you were a free person? Ha ha, such an antiquated concept. No, we own you.

$1000 a month? Why stop there? Why not $5000 a month? Or shoot, $25,000? We'll all buy houses in the Bahamas. That would be more "just". That would be more "equitable".

Until people see that spending has costs this type of idiocy will continue. This includes Republicans and Democrats. Right now we just spend and spend and spend and we think there are no restrictions. Let's just let the Federal Reserve do its thing. This is the "beauty" of fiat currency guys. Free money.

But it doesn't work like that. There ARE limits on spending. REALITY DOES EXIST. It can be masked for a long time. Especially when powerful interests want reality masked. But it doesn't just go away. The law of supply and demand doesn't just vanish. It's still there and it will enforce discipline. The problem is many people have no concept of fiscal discipline.

Checks for everyone! As if we didn't have a too burdensome welfare state already.

For the record this guy who wants you to pay $1000 to everyone cites a legit fascist/socialist Andy Stern, the former head of the SEIU who used (still?) to make the case for a Chinese style state.

Again, this country is supposed to be DIFFERENT. We are supposed to have small government here. It should be as close as possible to invisible. We should not see government. It should have as small an impact as possible on our lives. Yet some people insist on injecting it into the veins of the American people. Gotta get 'em addicted somehow.

(From CNBC)
Yang settled on the level of $1,000 a month for several reasons, he tells CNBC Make It: First, $1,000 a month was recommended by former Service Employees International Union president Andy Stern in his book, "Raising the Floor: How a Universal Basic Income Can Renew Our Economy and Rebuild the American Dream." And $12,000 a year brings an individual close to the U.S. poverty line, says Yang, which is $12,752 per person per year for those under the age of 65, according to the United States Census Bureau.

Andy Stern, -that's the guy one wants to get economic advice from. Why not just go to the economic braintrusts in Venezuela or North Korea?

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