• Nick Sorrentino

This is the current playbook for the Democratic Party

The game is this:* 1. Hide Biden to the maximum degree possible because of what looks like a pretty significant cognitive decline.

2. Play this decline with a wink and a nod to the identity voters who hope that a woman of color would then become president when Biden goes.

3. Teachers unions lock down schools (teachers are maybe the THE most important voter block for the Democrats) to make life as unpleasant for voters as possible. They can then blame the “covid response” for their strike.

4. Continue to make sure antifa is funded and generally protected so that it can cause chaos as needed. Do not condemn the violence as this just confirms what voters think and what Trump has said.

5. Keep pushing for mail in voting as it allows for wholesale fraud potentially. Additionally it will allow for many lawsuits post election if the Democrats lose.

6. LOCK THE OLD MEDIA DOWN. Make sure that the old media, the left corporate media, stay on message and continue to paint the current chaos and Biden’s lack of ability with a very positive stroke.

7. Continue to agitate for radical expensive government as the Dems know that A, a good portion of their voters don’t pay any income tax anyway. And B, many core Dem voters just don’t get why we can’t have a socialist utopia. They haven’t been told (this is by design) and the Dems know that this ignorance, which is widespread, can be exploited.

8.LOCK SOCIAL MEDIA DOWN. Make sure that the narrative is limited, generally to the official narrative set by the Dem party. Limit access for conservative and libertarian writers to their audience. Essentially shadow ban an ideology which to some degree is happening right now.

9. Pray that a mass silent vote doesn’t show up which overwhelms the above strategy.

10. In the event Trump wins, do not concede ever and then double down on the tactics that have torn the country apart over the last 4 years.

*And make sure, at all costs, that Trump doesn't make headway with black voters. Paint him as a grand wizard if need be but try to shame African Americans from even thinking about voting for Trump.