• Nick Sorrentino

This is what we know about the alleged mail bomber right now

So the guy who drives this van is the alleged mail bomber. He appears to be a fan of Trump.

We will hopefully find out quickly the motives behind the attacks. There is the obvious straight ahead narrative - that a disturbed guy decided to take the fight directly too the Democrats by his own hand. But there may be more to it than that. There likely is.

Attached is a good rundown of what we know at this moment about Cesar Sayoc the alleged bomber.

(From The Daily Mail)
The suspect in a mail bombing spree targeting critics of President Donald Trump has been identified.
Cesar Altier Sayoc, 56, was taken into custody on Friday morning in Plantation, Florida in connection with the 12 suspicious packages that have been discovered this week.
According to Sayoc's Facebook page, he is a Trump fan who posted pictures and videos of himself at one of the President's rallies in October 2016.

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