• Nick Sorrentino

"To Hell with civility!" Yells Salon Magazine

A couple things need to be said. First, we are no fans of Mr. McConnell. We've long followed his career and aside from some bright moments here and there he has pretty consistently played the big government Republican bit to the max.

We are also for free speech - period. There is a reason why the First Amendment is the very first amendment. And a citizen is well within their rights to voice their displeasure with an elected official while that official noshes. That is entirely within legal bounds.

However, running around screaming MSNBC talking points at the Senate leader doesn’t do you any favors, particularly not at this point. Yet this columnist at Salon thinks it’s perfectly OK to act like a nutbar in the face of “evil” Republicans. “To hell with civility” she says.And she doesn’t even understand why that kind of attitude is hurting her cause.

She may be angry. She may be upset. She may feel justified in screaming “misogynist!” or whatever in a restaurant at somebody she doesn’t know. But it’s still lame. It’s still reckless. There are sick people out there who will do more than yell. And with her headline one can only infer that she’s cool with that.

(From Salon)
This past weekend, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was yelled at in a Louisville restaurant while sitting with his wife, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao. A man approached their table and angrily told they should leave the country. When other patrons spoke up and told him to leave them alone he shouted, "They're coming for Social Security!" (This happens to be true. McConnell told CNBC just last week that the only solution for the massive deficit caused by his massive tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy is to cut "entitlements.")

Oh no! Not Social Security! That means its no holds barred now. Somebody is considering reforming that outdated vestige of the New Deal? Off with their head!

Again, this is why the Dems may lose this November. (They may not of course How's that for a hedge?) But keep going with this type of attitude and see how much traction you get with middle America.

One other thing. The author of the attached article says that TEA Party people spit while yelling at members of Congress during the vote for Obamacare. That is untrue.

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