• Nick Sorrentino

Troops cross North-South Korea Demilitarized Zone in peace for 1st time ever

As one friend asked; "Why is this story not getting more coverage?"

Why indeed?

Say what you want but Bill Clinton made no progress (and likely made things worse) on the North Korea front. George W. Bush absolutely made things worse with the whole "Axis of Evil" bit. Obama's failure on the Korea front is still fairly fresh in the mind. But Trump seems to have moved the ball significantly toward peace on the Korean Peninsula. He deserves significant credit here. (Not that it was all Mr. Trump by any means.)

There is much further to go but that one of the world's key (nuclear) flash points is cooler than it has been in half a century is a good thing for the world.

(From CBS)
Dozens of North and South Korean soldiers crossed over the world's most heavily armed border Wednesday as they inspected the sites of their rival's front-line guard posts to verify they'd been removed, part of inter-Korean engagement efforts that come amid stalled U.S.-North Korea nuclear disarmament talks.
It was the first time since the Demilitarized Zone was created in 1948 to divide the two Koreas that troops from either side crossed the demarcation line peacefully, South Korea's Ministry of Defense noted.

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