• Nick Sorrentino

Trump: ‘I blow Ronald Reagan away’

The two Rons.

C'mon man.

Trump is not doing himself any favors.

Reagan wasn't perfect and he sadly perpetuated the Drug War which might have been his greatest mistake. But Morning in America was real. Even as a small child I felt it. There was optimism and a freshness to things in the wake of the 60s and 70s and Carter and Watergate and Vietnam. Dissing Reagan isn't smart.

(From The Washington Examiner)
President Trump believes that his long list of achievements in office make him “far greater than Ronald Reagan.”
In a new book out Tuesday about his “enemies,” the president said that while he feels “I blow Ronald Reagan away,” the “fake news” media is robbing him of bragging rights by ignoring his successes and focusing on his problems.

To some very real degree Trump is correct with regard to the media. But still, his mouth gets him into trouble.