• Nick Sorrentino

Trump officially legalizes industrial hemp

Hemp is a pretty amazing substance. It's good for you in food form. It can be made into paper. It makes fantastic clothing that is much more durable that cotton. And on and on. Just ask your local stoner activist and he or she will give you the whole list.

Say what one wants about Trump but serious progress on drugs has been made on his watch. (Not that hemp is a drug. Hemp is the male cannabis plant and it doesn't get one high if smoked.)

(From The Hill)
President Trump legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp Thursday when he signed a widespread, bipartisan farm bill aimed at boosting the agriculture industry. 
The fiber of hemp, a non-intoxicating derivative of the cannabis plant, is used to make a variety of products, such as cardboard, carpets, clothes, paper and more. 
Hemp production and sales have historically been illegal under the same federal prohibition against marijuana. The farm bill only deals with industrial hemp and does not address recreational or medical marijuana.

So for once The Farm Bill isn't 100% bad.